Thursday, July 19, 2012

SC Trips to the Gull River

These photos are from different SC trips to the Gull River. The SCs learnt how to manage their boats in moving water. They learnt how to ferry across, peel out and some even learnt how to surf the waves. In the beginning their nerves are pushed to the limit, however all will tell you how exciting and proud they were after learning and practicing these skills!

Before heading out all SCs learn how to do a bow rescue

SCs getting ready to cross the current

An SC paddles through

Kayaking Head Chris Hansen surfs the waves

Kayaking Head Ryan Creighton
SC Counsellor Cam Chislett gives us a big smile!

Kayaking Head Chris Hansen Wave Wheels

SC Counsellor Cam Chislett gets excited as a SC successfully surfs

Attempting to Surf the Wave

Kayaking Head Ryan Creighton 

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